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About Us

The Woodland Economic Region website was developed by Chukuni Communities Development Corporation with support from community stakeholders and sponsors to encourage investment, development, and attraction of new residents to the region.

About the Logo

Woodland Economic Region embodies the natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and thriving economic potential of this breathtaking region. From its indigenous history to the abundance of outdoor activities, every element of our designs reflects the heart of Woodland. The logo is more than just a visual representation; it's a story woven with purpose and meaning.


The Feather
found on the left side of the icon is
a nod to the indigenous history and cultural significance within Woodland.


The Circle
represents unity and connection,
encompassing both elements reflecting the inclusive spirit of Woodland's communities and their shared aspirations.


The Tree
found on the right side of the icon
symbolizes the natural beauty and adventurous lifestyle Woodland offers.

Every element was carefully crafted
to honor the essence of Woodland and
ignite a sense of pride and belonging.

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